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Reyes Leads Philippines Against Team Japan

Reyes Leads Philippines Against Team Japan Today at World Mixed Doubles

By Sally Lee

Manila, Philippines-  Efren Reyes and Rubilen Amit will face off against Team Japan's Hayato Hijikata and Kaori Ebe. Reyes and Amit both are reigning World Champions while Hijikata is Japan's finest young player ranked in top 3 at tender age of 20, with his lovely female pro counterpart Ebe. This is just one of the featured matches today at the  World Mixed Doubles Classic at Nuvo City in the Quezon City section of Manila, Philippines from December 1-3,2009.  This event brings together the most beautiful women cueists with the top men stars of the game for  exciting match-ups.  Six teams from different countries will battle on the table in 10-Ball with ESPN Star Sports and ABS-CBN airing all 12 hours of the event live broadcasted throughout Asia and the Philippines. The event is the brain child of billiards promotion giant Dragon Promotions .


Mon, Reyes, Amit, Chen, Van Boening, Ebe, Hijikata, Andoni, Williams, Rally Martinez, Cindy Lee, Aristeo Puyat

"I was really nervous to be playing with Efren, but we practiced together today and he relaxed me alot. I'm really going to learn alot playing with him this week!" said Amit.

Newly crowned World 10-Ball Champion Mika Immonen is fresh off his finals victory last night over pinoy Lee Van Corteza, and will be paired with hot Borana Andoni and they also will face Team Japan today. Interestingly, Mika's only loss at the World 10-Ball was to Hayato Hijikata who he will face again today. A tough match to call today will be USA vs Korea, with both teams evenly matched. US Open Champ Shane Van Boening along with US Amateur Champ Amy Chen will take on South Korea's winningest player in history Charlie Williams along with Eun Ji Park, a 21 year old up and coming billiard star.

Tomorrow's matches will be even more enticing with glamorous bombshell Shanelle Loraine pairing with strong pinoy Lee Van Corteza, fresh off his runner-up finish at the World 10-Ball.

Team Philippines A : Efren Reyes & Rubilen Amit
Team Philippines B : Lee Van Corteza & Shanelle Loraine
Team USA: Shane Van Boening & Amy Chen
Team Europe: Mika Immonen & Borana Andoni
Team Japan: Hayato Hijikata & Kaori Ebe
Team Korea: Charlie Williams & Eun Ji Park

Today's schedule will be :
2:00pm   Japan vs Europe   
320pm    USA vs Korea   
440pm    Philippines vs Japan

Tomorrow Dec 2
2pm    Philippines B vs Korea
320pm  Philippines A vs Europe
440pm  Philippines B vs USA

Dec 3 Semi and Final 2pm-6pm

The matches will air locally on ABS-CBN's Studio 23 and Balls. Internationally on ESPN Star Sports as well as ABS-CBN in middle east and USA.


World Mixed Doubles Classic Comes to Nuvo City, Philippines!

By Sally Lee

Manila, Philippines- For the first time ever some of the greatest men and women cueists will be paired up in the World Mixed Doubles Classic. The event will be held at Nuvo City in the Quezon City section of Manila, Philippines from December 1-3,2009. World Champions Efren “Bata” Reyes, Mika “Ice Man” Immonen, Rubilen Amit, Shane Van Boening, and Francisco “Django” Bustamante will be some of the headline stars. The event will feature six teams from different countries who will battle on the table in 10-Ball. ESPN Star Sports and ABS-CBN will be airing all 12 hours of the event live broadcasted throughout Asia and the Philippines. Dragon Promotions will be producing this fantastic new event with cooperation and support of Puyat Sports.

Shanelle Loraine Django “This is the first time international men and women stars of the game have been brought together to play on teams. The players were all thrilled to join because not only will it be challenging and historic, but very fun!” said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions Philippines will be represented by two teams in the event with “Django” Francisco Bustamante teamed up with Fil-Am beauty Shanelle Loraine. They will be facing other foreign partners in Team USA’s US Open Champ Shane Van Boening and US Amateur Women’s Champion Amy Chen, Team Japan’s Hayato Hijikata and lovely Kaori Ebe. World #1 Mika Immonen has been red-hot in 2008-2009 and will be paired with Albania newbie Borana Andoni for Team Europe while Team Korea will be another powerhouse with top Korean American pro Charlie Williams paired with his student, Yu Ram Cha who finished 5th at this year’s Women’s World 10-Ball Championship in Manila. ImmonenAndoni Cha Ebe Van Boening The #1 pick on paper will likely be Team Philippines Efren Reyes and Rubilen Amit. Reyes has been on a hot year as the veteran star weaved some of his old magic again with a string of victories in the pool world this year. More recently he just once again proved his teamwork magic in winning the World Cup of Pool just 2 months ago and now will team up with a Filipina to attempt to duplicate another team win for Philippines. Rubilen Amit, the darling champion and first ever Filipina World Champion of billiards, will be teamed up with the maestro “Bata” and the two World Champions will definitely be the team to watch.

Reyes Amit

“We are very pleased to work with Dragon Promotions and help bring this event to the Philippines. Our players are excited and honored to join such a great event, and the Philippines will be well represented. This event will help carry the popularity of billiards even further here and in Asia” says Aristeo Puyat, President of Puyat Sports the long time management company of icons Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, and Rubilen Amit. The event will take place at the upscale Nuvo City complex in Quezon City section of Manila. Nuvo City is a master planned exclusive vertical city in the sky, comprised of residential and commercial towers. Nuvo City will be set upon a vibrant lifestyle retail center with all the amenities to live a stress -free existence in a world of convenience and fashionable lifestyle. Visit “Billiards, the sport of the Philippines. The sport of the people.” Please visit

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